Cannot start .aspx

Asked by ROBIN on 12/5/2012 1:11:47 PM

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Problem with sql server 2k

Asked by slavisa on 4/12/2010 2:41:45 AM

Please help if anyone can.
I can’t solve this problem, neither I can find it on internet:

Event Type: Error
Event Category: (2)
Event ID: 17052
Date: 12.4.2010
Time: 8:10:21
User: N/A
Computer: SLT62033SV00
Error: 602, Severity: 21, State: 16
Could not find row in sysindexes for database ID 5, object ID 1691517455, index ID -1. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysindexes.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 5a 02 00 00 15 00 00 00 Z.......
0008: 0d 00 00 00 53 00 4c 00 ....S.L.
0010: 54 00 36 00 32 00 30 00 T.6.2.0.
0018: 33 00 33 00 53 00 56 00 3.3.S.V.
0020: 30 00 30 00 00 00 07 00 0.0.....
0028: 00 00 73 00 61 00 6c 00 ..s.a.l.
0030: 74 00 65 00 72 00 00 00 t.e.r...

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SQL Query to Find List of Open Connection Objects in MS SQL Server

Asked by Lisa on 12/7/2009 3:41:21 PM

I want to see all the connection objects that are opened in a single point of time. What is that sql query that i can write to figure out the answer? If you know the sql query that works with any version of MS SQL Server then that will be a real help to me.

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How to Write a Query to Search Multiple Strings From Multiple Columns

Asked by Lisa on 4/27/2009 2:18:09 PM

I am trying to code a special search module for my website and I am lost here. I want to write a fast performing sql query so that it return data from table very fast. I have array of keywords to search from various fields of the table. Can anyone help me in writing such queries?

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How can I query two SQL Servers from one application

Asked by Lisa on 3/2/2009 4:22:06 PM

I have an application where I have to make a join query from 2 tables from different servers. How do i write this query to get the result set? Please give me an example query to work from. Thanks a lot for helping me in advance.

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I am getting error while importing from xl sheet to SQL Server 2008

Asked by Andy on 3/2/2009 3:42:50 PM

I have installed SQL Server 2008 after installing visual studio 2008, now i want to import some data from a xl sheet but I am getting error while trying to import from that. I know people are finding tough when they installed SQL Server 2008 after installing visual studio, is that the fact? Should I just re-install all or there is another solution that i can follow to solve this.

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Remote Connection Error While Connecting SQL Server 2008

Asked by Khusi on 2/16/2009 3:55:35 PM

I installed SQL Server 2008 and it is running fine while i am using the server locally but I am getting error when I am trying to connect it remotely. Here is the details of the error:

"A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections."

Please help me in finding the solution to this problem.

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How to use data compression in sql server 2008

Asked by Lisa on 2/12/2009 5:01:51 PM

I know that sql server 2008 takes very less space to store data and there is a feature called data compression that can be used for reducing the data size. I have a big data base that needed to be reduced. please tell me the best approach to proceed for this so that i should land safe with no issues.

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I want to schedule a job in SQL Server 2008

Asked by Ritu on 2/6/2009 4:26:11 PM

I have a folder that gets updated with some files, I want my sql server to run script on every time that folder gets updated. I want to schedule one job but kind of not sure how to do it. Is it something to do from the windows scheduler or from the SQL Server scheduler? Let me know the best approach to get the desired result.

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How to create a new table using existing tables

Asked by Sangeeta on 2/6/2009 8:14:42 AM

I have to create a new table using the columns and records present in another tables. I can create the new table by writing the CREATE TABLE .... Query but as my database already has the tables with same column name, I want to reuse the column names as well as the records present in those columns.

Can anyone tell me the SQL Query for it?

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