How to restore WIFI signal

Asked by Keith on 5/4/2013 11:42:55 PM

I have a Dell laptop wich I wiped Microsoft from and installed Ubuntu approximately 6 months ago and have enjoyed problem free till last night. My son was playing a game and forgot to plug it in when the battery got low so it shut down. I plugged it in started it back up and received the prompt you are now offline. Since I cannot get the Internet through wifi and have no signal. Please help

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My vostro 200 wont turn on!

Asked by mg on 1/30/2011 4:33:50 PM

After properly shutng down this POS a Vostro 200-I removed the top and "blewout" dust bunnies. After properly placingeverything back together I pushed the little black button and NOTHING! Nada-Zip. No matter how long I hold the button down nothing!

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My Dell vostro 200 repeated the problem could not find the file

Asked by Sam Arasu on 11/24/2009 11:45:18 PM

My Dell vostro 200 showing repeatedly (could not find the file "flash.ocx") what should be the cause how to solve this problem can u suggest me looking forward your reply soon.........................................................................................................

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How to fix my inspiron E1505 [XLDR] ATA error

Asked by ryan on 1/25/2009 4:53:22 AM

My laptop is locked up with this error screen.[XLDR] ATA error. I really do not have anything else to describe. Please help me to find a solution to my problem.

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My Brand New Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop Installation Issues

Asked by Guest on 9/23/2008 4:18:12 PM

I bought a new dell inspiron 1420 laptop and switched on where i saw an error saying Windows couldn’t configure properly in the previous step then there is a close button where it restarts the machine. This keeps on going through the loop, i am helpless as ii have done nothing and this laptop is brand new.

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Why can't I Connect to Internet Through Wireless Using Linksys Router and Dell Vostro

Asked by Guest on 8/31/2008 11:44:42 PM

Why can’t i connect to internet when i try trough wireless. I am using a dell vostro 1500 laptop and a linksys router. My friend here has a similar laptop but he can use the internet through wireless. I am using the correct key but i am not getting any success. Is it a channel issue?

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How do I Retrieve my Deleted Files from the Computer

Asked by Rima on 8/26/2008

I excedentally deleted my files from the computer using shift key. They are not in the recycle bin as well. I want these image files back but i don't know how. Do you know the way or a software which can help me in getting back those files?

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How do I Connect to Internet from my Dell Laptop using Blackberry Perl

Asked by Mike on 8/13/2008

I have a data plan on my T-mobile Blackberry but i don't know how to use that and connect to internet from my dell laptop. Can you guys help in finding some material where i can solve my problem. Do i have to get in some more features to resolve the issue? Will i be charged more for connecting internet from laptop using blackberry data plan?

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Dell Vostro 1700 Notebook Review

Asked by San on 3/13/2008

The Dell Vostro 1700 17" notebook is the largest model in the PC maker’s new Vostro business laptop lineup launched July of 2007. It is big, heavy, and of a strong build, ideal for a small business owner or worker. It is available in black and has a numeric pad similar to the keyboard.

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Vostro Problems

Asked by San on 10/3/2007

You might have seen the promos for DELL's new model called Vostro, do you want to buy one? If you want to buy one then you might want to know the cons of a vostro machine?

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