How to Show File Type in Windows 7 OS

Asked by Shiva on 6/2/2011 3:18:52 PM

I bought a new laptop and I can’t see the file types here. I knew how to enable it in windows xp operating system but i can’t find that any more in windows 7 operating system. Can you help me in displaying the file types in Windows 7.

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what is racing in view of oprating system

Asked by puneet on 4/24/2010 1:42:26 AM

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Local DNS Lookup File Path in Windows XP

Asked by Lisa on 1/30/2009 3:06:42 PM

I want to find the hosts file in local machine to point a domain to specific ip, where is that file residing in windows OS? Let me know the hosts file path so that I can point a domain to to my targeted ip to resolve it locally instead of hitting the Domain Name Servers.

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What is the hot key for run window

Asked by Tina on 1/20/2009 4:29:32 PM

I have a simple question, I want to invoke the run window pressing some hot keys. Do you know what are the hot keys required to open up the run window in Windows operating system? If you know it then please help me so that every time i will not have to use the mouse.

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How can i install an SMTP for sending mail as well as configure in my java application?

Asked by Jeet on 12/16/2008 4:42:58 AM

Please give me important suggestion i am not able to get proper solution.

Anybody can send solution on my mail id plz try to give me complete solution.

i don’t know how should i use it. Before this site i got lot of information from many sites but not useful hope you info will be better for me.

i am new in this field so please try to make me uderstand line by line. i don’t know the process of SMTP and how is it work.


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How do I add Domain Name Server Zones to Windows Server 2003

Asked by Matt on 11/19/2008 3:34:00 PM

I have a semi-managed windows 2003 server where i need to install DNS server and manage it. I also have to DNS zones, how i add these dns zones like the primary and secondary? What are the best practices in the market and how do i configure it?

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How do I Setup a Physical Hosting for the Domain in Plesk

Asked by Petter on 11/14/2008 9:36:02 PM

I have a VPS for a client, the domain was resolving to the VPS server IP instead of resolving to an exclusive IP. I was asked by the support guys to setup a physical hosting using plesk control panel but how do i reach that step, where can i find that to setup?

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This window is busy. Closing this window may cause some problems. Do you want to close anyway?

Asked by Guest on 10/14/2008 11:33:08 AM

I was closing my internet explorer browser 6.0 to shut my machine then I got this error: This window is busy. Closing this window may cause some problems. Do you want to close anyway? Do you know what is this and why do I get this? Yes, that window was not responding for a while. Is that the reason i was having less memory to invoke the application?

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How can i do port mapping for my VPN server as it is behind a router

Asked by Rinku on 9/6/2008 10:24:31 PM

I am trying to set up a VPN server and i am stuck. I dont have a fixed ip for my server as i am behind a router. Can someone tell me the steps to do port mapping to configure my VPN server to accept incomming connections from authorized users on the internet.

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How to setup a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) server on windows XP

Asked by Rinku on 9/6/2008 10:11:58 PM

I am trying to setup a server to which i can connect and use from anywhere on the internet not just from the Local area network. Can anyone tell me how can i create a Virtual Private Network server to which i can connect from another client on the internet and use the resources on the server.

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