How VBScript StrComp Functions Works with ASP Codes

Asked by Riya on 11/17/2008 12:30:29 PM

I have a page where i am trying to compare content entered with the saved content from the database. Is it a good idea to use strcomp() to compare both the text? I guess matching content will return integer value 0. Am i true?

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VBscript Regex Example to Strip Special Charater in an ASP Page

Asked by Guest on 9/7/2008 10:47:20 PM

I am trying to accept title from web page form and strip the special characters using regex in vbscript but i don’t know the best of it. If you have any sample code to strip the special character from a string using regex then please help me here. I appreciate your time in advance.

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How to Code and Decode an URL

Asked by San on 2/5/2008

I am passing my variable values in URL so I need to encode and decode it properly. I don't want to pass some character where page not found pops up as a 404 error.

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How to Write Select Case in VB

Asked by San on 9/20/2007

Select Case Statement in vb is as like as other programming languages. Select expression holds the variable having the value and case expression list is the use case. Statement is the ToDo when condition satisfies. Multiple cases can be used simultaneously.

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What is The New Line Characters for ASP and VB

Asked by San on 9/18/2007

I am trying to use \n\r and \n to insert a line break in my emails but i am not having any success. Can you help me with some character to use so that it can give me a line break while sending out plain text email usine cdo.message.

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