Ways to Iterate the Form Submit Values on Form Submit

Asked by Peter on 11/6/2008 2:23:34 PM

I am not very experienced in Java, I just try to get it done but here is an issue which i am having tough time in resolving. I want to have a generic script which will read the form submitted parameters and iterate through all to send one email. Can any one help me?

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Can I have a Sample Javascript Code for Disabling Right Click on Images

Asked by Guest on 9/24/2008 5:02:15 PM

I have a website where i would like to disable the right click on my images. I was looking for some javascript codes which can help me and make my life go easy. If you have a JavaScript which helps in protecting users to right click on the images then please forward it to me here.

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How can I get Sample Code for Counting Textarea Character in Real Time

Asked by Guest on 9/24/2008 4:14:04 PM

I have a textarea where i need to count the character entered in real time. I was looking for some sample code available so that i will not have to code from the scratch. If you have some sample code for it or know a place where i can find this to use for my web page form then please guide me.

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Showing Low Resolution Image while High Resolution Image Loads through JavaScript

Asked by Rita on 9/9/2008 4:59:48 PM

I have a page where high res images takes a lot of time to load, i want to show the visitor low res images during the high resolution image still loads up. If you know some code to make this work happen then please help me. Thanks in advance.

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How is Javascript Different than AJAX, is There Any Difference between Javascript and AJAX

Asked by Guest on 9/9/2008 4:29:48 PM

I was wondering if there is any difference between AJAX and JavaScript or not. I know javascript can also do the similar work as AJAX does then how is it different than AJAX? Please describe me the difference between AJAX and Javascript.

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How can I Write a Javascript Confirm to Delete Function

Asked by Rita on 9/7/2008 11:40:39 AM

I was trying to write a javascript function on call to action and confirm to delete. I was wondering is there is already a system function that i can call to confirm while deleting then that would solve my issue. I will not have to write from scratch. If you know that please write it here.

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Javascript Confirm Function Issues with IE6

Asked by San on 8/15/2008

I had a javascript confirm function running on my site for years from now. That function was perfectly working on all the browsers that i tested before implementing on the site but one fine morning i checked not working with IE6 anymore. It does work on some of the machines and even perfectly working in FireFox on my PC. Any guess?

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How to Change the Image onMouseOver

Asked by San on 9/21/2007

I have a html page where I am using a .jpg image and I want it to change to another image on mouse over. I know this uses a simple javascript to go inside the img tag and the picture keeps on changing when mouse comes over and goes out. Can any one help with a sample code to fix this problem?

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Sending Email from JSP Pages Using smtp.gmail.com

Asked by San on 9/4/2007

How can I send emails from a jsp page? I have a page where i have a form and it sends out emails on submition. Please let me know the code and classes to include in jsp page to send emails.

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JSP Web Services Example - XML, XSLT in JSP - XML Web Services in Java

Asked by San on 9/19/2007

I am trying to code a web service for remote server to write out little information. Can you help me in finding an example of jsp web services? I am trying to use the xml response as the requesting server is going to parse the information and publish it the user. Please help me in finding a jsp web services using xml.

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