user_constraint and all_constraint

Asked by BM on 12/4/2008 6:09:39 AM

I was analzing a table and its usages and cam across aome constraints table. can any one tell me what is the difference between user_constraint and all_constraint. What is the purpose of using these two tables

Thanks in advance

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What is the difference between a procedure and a function in ORACLE

Asked by Rinku on 8/30/2008

What is the difference between a procedure and function in oracle. I read in one of the oracle user guides that they are basically the same except the return type and the guide used the words procedure and function interchangably. So, where can i use functions and procedures to take advantage of their functionality.

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What is a tablespace in oracle ?

Asked by Rinku on 8/29/2008

What is a Tablespace in oracle. How can i find out which tablespace i am using while working on a schema. what is the difference between a Tablespace and a Schema ? what is the SQL Query to list all the tablespaces that are being used by the current schema ? Please help.

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