What is CPA or Cost per Action?

Asked by Mike on 1/9/2009 4:49:13 PM

What is CPA advertising? I heard this term at many places like blogs and forums but quite not sure what it means and where is the proper use of this architecture. If anyone here can define this properly then that will be really great.

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How do I uninstall Addons from Mozilla

Asked by Peta on 8/28/2008

I added many addons in my mozilla browser but i don't know the ways to uninstall them. I don't want those tools to show up anymore. Is there a way to uninstall these addons from the mozilla browser?

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Wordpress the_content() more functionality is not Working

Asked by Guest on 8/27/2008

I have a blog where operator is not working as it gets me a link with a querystring parameter as #more-id. This should get me a link over text "more" with a link to the real page with a querystring "#more". Do you know how i can acieve this?

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How do I Install Chitika ads on my Website

Asked by Guest on 8/25/2008

I know that chitika is very different than others and the ctr is also good. I want to install chitika on my site so that i can make more money. Can you guys help me in installing chitika codes?

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How NoFollow-NoIndex Works Exactly

Asked by Sanju on 8/25/2008

I am designing websites but not very clear on these terms nofollow and noindex. How exactly no follow and no index on a page level works? what is the significance of these term? is it mandatory to include these on every page?

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Process to Add Google Adsense to my Blog

Asked by Guest on 8/22/2008

I have a blog where i want to add adsense so that i can also make money like others. I was looking for help from web so that i can add google adsense with no problem. Is there any help for me to install adsense to my blog?

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What is rel="me nofollow" HTML Tag

Asked by Jitesh on 8/21/2008

I just noticed that twitter is using rel="me nofollow" to link back your profile website. I have never seen this tag ever, do you have any clue on this tag. Is it equal to nofollow? Search engines will count it or not?

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What is Internet Viral Marketing

Asked by Rahul on 8/20/2008

I hear this term (viral marketing) for so many times, what is viral marketing exactly. I am trying to learn more on it, can you guys let me know more with this term?

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What is the Difference between Pagerank and Trustrank

Asked by Nicole on 8/16/2008

I guess pagerank and trustrank are same with different terms, am i correct or they are totally different. Can anyone here can clearly describe what is pagerank and what is trustrank?

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What is Domain Juice and Domain Rank

Asked by Guest on 8/16/2008

I am confused with these terms called domain juice and domain rank. Can you guys find me some answers to this question?

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