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CSS Codes for Table Row Column Layout

Published by: San (2/1/2008)

FEB 1 2008

I have almost no experience in working with cascade style sheets(CSS), I am facing problem in forming 3 columns on 1 row. I want them in DIV tags not in LI tags so please advise me to do it correctly.


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Name: Admin

Itís very simple to make three columns in DIV tags or P tags, only property you should care about is display.


<div>This is a simple 1 row div, everything comes together.</div>

<p style="display:table-cell;width:33.33%;float:left">1st Col</p>
<p style="display:table-cell;width:33.33%;float:left">2nd Col</p>
<p style="display:table-cell;width:33.33%;float:left">3rd Col</p>

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